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Museum of Flight, part deux….

Sat ,01/04/2017

So following on from the previous post regarding touring the Shuttle Trainer at Boeing’s Museum of Flight, here’s the rest of all the ‘plane nerd’ photos from most of the rest of the museum – enjoy!

I have to say, despite no flash, that ridiculous new phone of mine actually takes decent pics… on one from the gallery, then click it again to get the high-res version….


Bulli Bulli!

Tue ,01/07/2014

Love it!


Love it!

Wed ,09/04/2014

I’m sure Ayn R. is burning down there right about now – or sneaking around like Uncle Screwtape, talking s*** into people’s ears… 🙂



Note to self….

Mon ,17/02/2014

NEVER time travel! 🙂


The strongest argument for carpooling is…..!

Wed ,13/11/2013


More war propaganda posters can be seen here. Some are quite ridiculous and have not dated well, including at least one very racist one targeting the Japanese.

Seattle PI war posters


The Iron Sky.

Sat ,01/09/2012

Went to see Iron Sky at SIFF Uptown last Sunday. This is an interesting movie, for several reasons:

1) It was apparently paid for in part by crowdsourcing – and given the diverse production credits (made by Finns, add’l product Down Under and Germany) that seems about right;

2) It kind of plays as a ‘Steampunk sci-fi epic meets Weekly World News fantasy with the ulltimate villains (Nazis, who else?) thrown in”

3) This may be the only way a certain self-important right-wing freak ever gets her claws on the White House (well, indirectly) – and that’s a good thing!

So in a nutshell, apparently a bunch of Nazis got to the moon and built a base prior to losing WWII, and are ‘discovered’ again by a new (meaning modern, not Apollo era) moon landing. There is a lot of attention paid to little details (actual vintage Beetles hauling them around the huge moonbase, over-fascination with huge ‘revenge weapons’, etc.) and the special effects – done in Lightwave (hooray!) are very good, IMHO. With this discovery, Ze Space Nazi’s now think their cover is blown and that Earth plans an invasion, so naturally it’s so ON, people! Battle(s) ensue and I wasn’t prepared for the ending, either – well done!

The actors are good, even though dialog-wise they are pretty flat and played for satire, not seriousness. Astute viewers will note the Bruno Ganz tribute just into the second act of the film (I won’t spoil it for you but pretty funny), how appropo. And the Spaze Nazi invasion force has to be seen to be believed.

So in summary, if you are looking for a ‘serious’ sci-fi epic – e.g. Prometheus (which was a sizable let-down in the end, see review) – this isn’t it. But it IS very entertaining, well made and worth a relaxing evening if you can catch it while still in art-theaters or later on DVD. Ja voll!

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