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if only….

Fri ,24/11/2017


Climb Dance – insane!

Sat ,30/09/2017

I get scared just watching this, especially the part near the top where he’s shading his eyes in the direct sun – yipes!


Bad. Aaaath!

Sat ,26/08/2017

…the van is back, and it’s gonna cause some trouble! hey now, hey now, the van is back!


It’s that time of year again….

Sat ,24/06/2017

…for the Greenwood Car Show! One block from our house, every year near the end of June. Interesting batch this year – lot more Corvettes than usual (although my fave ’54 of years past hasn’t been here for a few years now); the Mini group just keeps getting bigger each year somehow; good selection of oddball electric and Soviet cars; the Hawaiians normally not seen until later in July at the Shoreline VW meet were here in force this year, nearly an entire block for aircooled VWs. And a few choice Japanese cars (old and new), and a Pantera but only one Ferrari, surprisingly. And my usual gripe – *way* too many lame muscle cars (most of which now sadly are ‘classic’ too….again, argh.)

– the kids in the Jeep were cute – and I loved the ‘Jurassic Park’ Wrangler pair they had – too funny. There were many old military Jeeps this year and a couple vintage Dodge Power Wagons, too.

– also, that ‘Porsche’ seen first wasn’t in the show, that showed up later parking across from our house. When the guy pulled up in it, i asked him ‘is it real or Memorex?’ – he said ‘Memorex!’ – so not sure if this was a replica or a real one, but it was sure nice either way….!

– you can click on a pic to enlarge considerably, btw.




Sat ,24/12/2016

The Lancia Stratos Was Born to Rally


Le Mans 2030..!?

Sat ,29/10/2016

Truly amazing stuff….

Le Mans 2030: Car designers with eye on future tackle Michelin Challenge Design

2017: Showcase of Selected Entrants

I think the ‘Bentley 9’ was my fave:


Gremlin sighting!

Sat ,16/01/2016

always a good day with a Gremlin sighting – especially one withOUT AI?! 🙂

Joy of Tech



Sun ,02/08/2015

joy of tech


Surreal, to be sure…

Tue ,28/04/2015

pretty dadburn weird…..even for a hardcore VW nerd like me….:)

People Impersonate The Internet’s Funniest Cats In This Absurd VW Spot


End of an era……Initial D

Mon ,01/09/2014

Discovered they finally finished Initial D – and watched the last four episodes (Final Stage). Very glad they kept with it. These start a bit slow and go a bit overboard on backstory, but all the things we love about Initial D are still there:

– ridiculous, over the top posturing (although less than in past Stages);
– crazy mountain driving without apparently any hint of fear, parental control or police;
– ‘mental monologuing’ throughout where people are constantly explaining things to each other out loud (or through narration);
– and last but certainly not least – Takumi Fujiwara and his amazing AE86 Trueno…..

Enjoy. I am not supplying a link because if you simply do a search, you’ll find it. 🙂 In case you missed Fifth Stage (immediately precedes Final Stage, there are 14 episodes) – you’ll want to search for and watch that first. And if you haven’t watched ANY of them, what were you thinking (and get to work – Funimation has Stages 1-4 online!

According to Wikipedia, there is also a three-part movie remake coming….woo hoo!