The Boondocks

While not being drawn anymore (reruns can be read here) – The Boondocks still rocks (just like Calvin ‘n Hobbes, The Far Side and other ‘retired’ strips of recent memory). Any comic strip that goes out of its way to ‘stick it to the man’ while poking fun at itself (Huey’s black power militancy even extending to trying to avoid mowing the lawn, Riley thinking Huey is a big nerd while his own attempts at being a suburban ‘gangsta’ largely fall flat or end up looking silly, Grandpa’s various ways of both trying to be a parent while trying to have some fun as a single man on rare occasions – there are many examples). Later in its life it was also made into a TV series – aired for a bit on Adult Swim, apparently may be coming back to TV again too?

A great read, and sorely missed!