He’s got a point….

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Sleeping Giants – Book Review

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Just finished reading this book – Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel. This is a sci-fi story told in an somewhat unusual way, via ‘interviews’ – most often with an unnamed lead interviewer we never meet. I won’t spoil the main storyline (plenty of other places online can do that for you) but to say the following:

– The main story ‘device’ of the interviews works very well, IMHO. It makes you think harder about the motivations behind and the mentality of the main characters, especially as the ‘unnamed interviewer’ most often heard from is usually not sympathetic.

– I like the focus being first and foremost on the characters and not the main overarching plotline. While that may get further development in a future book (looks like a sequel is coming out possibly next spring?) and it will be interesting if the ‘interview device’ is maintained there too – this book ticks right along and definitely holds your attention all the way through, with at least two major plot twists I never saw coming.

– Finally – while there may be some story elements here that are inspired by past classic sci-fi (or even anime/kaiju), I still think the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and this is a great read – DEFINITELY recommended!


Other perspectives (and spoilers – you are warned!)
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Aliens explain Soylent Green….

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as if this would work?!

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Get yours yet?

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Got mine yesterday – woo hoo!

The Art of Atari

Inside The Art of Atari (pre-release book review)


the Bridge….

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makes asking about your favorite color seem tame by comparison…



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But will The Diva return? :)

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The first trailer for Luc Besson’s Valerian promises a dazzling space opera romp


Westworld sales pitch…

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sounds about right….


Saturday funnies….

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