Good BYE, Mr Bond!

     Posted on Thu ,25/05/2017 by candybowl

RIP – you were a class act, and oh, so very drolllll….! :)

Sir Roger Moore dies aged 89

alltime fave Bond car…and villain!

starts slow but good finish…



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Another music tragedy – will they just please STOP?! RIP, Mr. Cornell…

also a much older clip from happier times here….


Doctor Doctor – Please!

     Posted on Sat ,13/05/2017 by candybowl

finally got back to Flight to Mars last night after an absence of 3 years – true, ROCK. This was the 15th year show – ‘wow’ doesn’t begin to describe it, definitely one of the best rock shows I’ve seen in a long time – looking at the most recent years (that i’ve missed) it looks like they’ve been on a Thin Lizzy kick of late too – there were several played last night – great stuff!

someone video’d the opening F2M song:

Looks like Mr McCready broke out a little Eruption in the Sat show:

Previous years’ clips can be seen from this search too.


welcome to my world!?

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well worth the wait! But was only able to see the first 3 episodes….hopefully goes on all summer!


Good riddance…..

     Posted on Sat ,22/04/2017 by candybowl

to bloviating garbage….

including when he lost his stack after being called out as the liar he was…
and still is….!



Jimmy’s right!

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I especially love the stadium comment…. :)


Alex…we hardly knew ye….

     Posted on Thu ,13/04/2017 by candybowl

just finished this book, Alex & Me – very interesting read. here’s a short video of what the book is about – Alex, the amazing African Grey parrot! Sadly he passed away in 2007, but his legacy and insights learned from his ‘birdbrain’ – live on.

Alex also made an appearance on Scientific American Frontiers and met Alan Alda – watch the whole episode here. You can fast forward to about 9:59 if you want to just watch Alex.


The king is dead.

     Posted on Thu ,06/04/2017 by candybowl

Long live the king. RIP, sir.

Farewell to the master of insults: Tributes pour in after legendary comedian Don Rickles passes away aged 90 at his LA home

and his ‘spiritual heir’ from over ten years ago – fast forward to about 7:50..



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