Sat am funnies….

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Sean Hannity gets HIS. :)

And it’s still made ….. of……


Truly amazing…

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in these crazy tech times, we often get very jaded from all the tech we ‘should’ be paying attention to or care about – but THIS is truly amazing…. and pretty old-school in many, many ways.

Experimental Solar-Powered Plane Completes Journey Across The Pacific

Experimental solar-powered plane Solar Impulse 2 has landed in Mountain View, Calif., after a three-day flight across the Pacific.

“Good morning, California!” the plane’s visibly emotional pilot Bertrand Piccard told a cheering crowd at Moffett Airfield, where he landed at 11:44 p.m. local time. He’s soon handed an extra large bottle of champagne.

The Solar Impulse team is attempting to fly around the world using only the power of the sun.



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(finally) a new Alex Verus book has come out, Burned. And like all the previous ones, I ripped through this once as fast as I could, because these are great books! Continued character development is strong and believable, although I hope Mr. Jacka gives poor Alex a break in the next one (it’s likely another year-long wait, sigh). Anyway, you can read my posts about the previous books, or just get out there and start reading the entire series already!

Other voices linked from here.



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Continuing the terrible year for amazing musicians….Prince, RIP.

RIP Prince: A World Lit Up In Purple


I am SO doing this!

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unless The Blog Police shut me down for posting this! :)


How the Machines will finally win. :)

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Dan speaks the TRUTH.

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and the City of Seattle/especially the liars at Sound Transit can BITE ME.

Monorail Deadender: Can We Build Light Rail Without Shitting On Elevated Transit?


Happy Easter!

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with of course semi-non-Easter comics…..!

F Minus

F Minus

Savage Chickens


Paramount Studios – %A^&*%(^&%!?

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Once again, Paramount simply doesn’t get it. How is a fan making a film that only *increases* the value of your story franchise HURT you? F you and your lawyers (again)!

To boldly go where no copyright suit has gone before


It Begins….

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