i KNEW it!

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I still miss Phil Hartman..

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was trolling around looking (again) for ‘real stories of the arkansas highway patrol‘ – still can’t find it online – and stumbled across this, though – very funny and I hadn’t seen it before…


Egg Devils!

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F Minus


Sometimes it just takes a drummer…

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to set it RIGHT. But it’s funny, because D.R.U.M. is a trigger word for me too!? :)


Yeah, probably not.. :)

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Sat am funnies…

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F Minus



Boise, and some Heartless Bastards…..

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Went over to Boise this weekend, to see family and to see Heartless Bastards at the Neurolux in downtown. What a great time, and a great show!

I’ve known about HB for some time but every time they’ve come to Seattle I’ve missed them for one reason or another. They just put out a new album, and so a new tour, and we thought it would be great to head over to ID instead of seeing them finally here – well worth it, definitely a Top 10 concert for me. And definitely a band that rises above studio recordings – you really only get the ‘whole picture’ watching them live.  Erika Wennerstrom has such a great (and unique) voice – the only singer I can think of remotely similar is Chrissie Hynde – who is weirdly enough, also from Ohio, where the HB’s got their start. The musicians are all very, very good, the drummer in particular puts in all sorts of fills and extra stuff you’d not expect from straight-ahead rock music like this but i’m sure not complainin!

Here’s a bunch of their music on YouTube, including apparently a video from their 2010 Boise visit….

we also got to spend time with my sister’s family and an unexpected treat to see another cousin who happened to be in town for a few days too – great stuff!

until we hopefully get back over there to ski this winter….



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saw this on a car just now – too funny….!


my other longtime fave is ‘Dick Cheney – before he dicks you‘ – saw that on a truck several years ago but can’t find it online – apparently based on an older Nixon one but definitely applies far more in spades to DC (far bigger Dick than Nixon)!



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Jan Eliot is retiring…. :(

Eugene artist Jan Eliot retiring daily ‘Stone Soup’ comic strip

Jan Eliot



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had a great week in Montreal, Canada last week. First time there, lots to see and even more to *eat*. Some highlights:

1) Old Montreal – very cool, very euro, and the weather made seeing it all very easy (sunny and warm). Plus the huge Notre Dame cathedral in the middle was pretty impressive, too.

2) Mount Royal – huge wooded park in the northern part of the city, literally a ‘mountain’ rising up from surrounding neighborhoods. We walked all over that thing, amid some rain but still very pretty and you can see for miles once up there (even though not really a ‘mountain’ by Western standards :). the park was originally designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, whose son John Charles was the lead designer of Seattle’s own Washington Park Arboretum – nice local connection…!

3) Eating:

Brasserie T (kerewin found out about this place because Anthony Bourdain had been there a few times before);

Schwartz’s Deli – amazing smoked meat sandwiches, we should have gone twice!

Bagels – I was the only one to get to eat these (kerewin can’t do gluten) but mmmm…….! Also it’s worth noting that Montreal-style bagels have a taste and technique all their own.

Les Enfants Terribles – amazing food and great service.

4) Just plain fun. Everywhere we went it was interesting to explore, my only slight regret is that Billy Connolly was coming to town Oct 23, so we missed him – that would have capped off a great second week!

Merci beaucoup, Montreal….au revoir. Here’s some pics….