The Enterprise restoration…..!

     Posted on Sun ,31/01/2016 by candybowl

Very cool – It’s the same age as me, it needs that makeover….!

How the Smithsonian is restoring the original USS Enterprise to full 1967 glory


Snowpocalypse, NY style….

     Posted on Sun ,24/01/2016 by candybowl


Too funny…..!

     Posted on Sun ,24/01/2016 by candybowl

Was listening to Patton Oswalt on my ipod coming home from a work trip earlier this week – this bit really stood out – hilarious!


Sat am funnies….

     Posted on Sat ,23/01/2016 by candybowl

I love Aunt-Man!

joy of tech


Oh, Norm……!

     Posted on Sun ,17/01/2016 by candybowl

Saw a KFC ad briefly on the web just now, and it sure sounded like Norm McDonald in that getup – and it was….I hope he’s gettin’ paid! Apparently this has been going on since the summer – and Darrell Hammond was doing it before him (never recognized DH, but Norm’s voice is so distinctive….)

KFC has another new Colonel Sanders: Norm MacDonald

Gremlin sighting!

     Posted on Sat ,16/01/2016 by candybowl

always a good day with a Gremlin sighting – especially one withOUT AI?! :)

Joy of Tech


Right ON.

     Posted on Wed ,13/01/2016 by candybowl

79-Year-Old Bird Watcher Takes Down Oregon Militant With Old High School Wrestling Move

Reminds me of Robert Duvall kicking some punk asses in Secondhand Lions:

or Buzz Aldrin just kicking ass, period!


David Bowie…..RIP.

     Posted on Mon ,11/01/2016 by candybowl

Lost one of the great ones over the weekend. So sad. Sleep well, Major Tom.

great Sean Nelson article in The Stranger:

In Death as in Life, David Bowie Remains the Master of Self-Invention



     Posted on Sun ,10/01/2016 by candybowl

An alternate take on SkyNet’s rise to awareness?

It took a lot of booster rockets, but luckily Amazon had recently built thousands of them to bring Amazon Prime same-day delivery to the Moon colony.


Kyle Kinane!

     Posted on Sat ,09/01/2016 by candybowl

too funny. Listened to a couple of his albums on a recent trip, here’s a bit from The Tonight Show:

more bits from YT here.