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if we can’t keep drones out of the skies with laws and or bottle rockets – hawks may have to step up – as we say in Seattle – Go Hawks! :)

Hawk attacks a drone mid-air bringing it down to the ground


Jan Hooks, RIP.

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A very funny woman has passed away. Rest In Peace.

and one of the best all-time SNL sketches, with Jan right in the middle as ‘Sine-Aid O’Connor’ :)

The Sinatra Group




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tom the dancing bug


The return of Strong Bad….?

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came across this today – Strong Bad, we miss ya!

Homestar Runner’s Strong Bad returns in new music video ‘Fish Eye Lens’


Smarmy critics!

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One of my favorite pop-culture things to read are smarmy reviews of media (movies, music, etc.). In reading something this am, i came across Nic Cage’s latest attempt to pay his taxes and rise above the <50% success rate he's had the past several years as to movies. About the only one I can think of that was any good (or interested me at ALL) was Kick-Ass. Everything else looked really stupid, uninteresting or got really bad reviews. His last good movies before that were almost 7 years earlier with Matchstick Men and Adaptation, although Ghost Rider was a guilty pleasure. :)

Which brings us to the latest, Left Behind. It was bad enough they did a Kirk Cameron version of this in the first place, but Nic – what were you thinking? I’m pretty sure the only thing worth reading here are the reviews – this is the downside of being Roger Ebertwatching a lot of bad movies.

Read several of the snipes yourself here - too funny. One only wishes that Damien came back to whack Nic upside the head for good, but he’s had his own movie challenges along the way….

I’ll leave you with one of the classics of smarmy reviews – the ‘discussion’ from Spinal Tap about their records (video quality not optimal but it’s the audio that matters anyway)…


It’s a dog thing…

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I’m of the opinion MOST dogs do this almost daily… :)


Mike Watt!

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So some of my zany friends from college days pinged me last night around 930pm on their way to a Mike Watt (originally of Minutemen and fIREHOSE fame) show at The Tractor with tickets – I was lucky enough to be able to go – very cool!

He’s touring with a pair of Italian guys in a band called il sogno del marinaio (it was part of this 2014 tour). The opener was a Japanese band called Lite who were also very good.

The show was interesting – The Tractor of course is such a great venue, being small and not overwhelming with NOISE like some can be (e.g. The Showbox when it’s cranked up a wee bit too loud). While Lite was fairly straight-ahead ‘math rock’ (not sure what that means) the il sogno del marinaio set was much more experimental. Then they all joined on stage at the end for an extended jam, which was pretty cool, if a bit crowded up there.

We then slid down the street to The People’s Pub for a couple more beers before running out of steam around 1250am – man, we are getting old.


Cool local blog – NW Then + Again

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saw something in the paper about this – very cool juxtaposition of old Seattle photos vs. modern, via the convenience and power of Photoshop. More on his blog, but a nice example below…..

Luna Park, West Seattle


one of the best!

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Diatribes, that is :) Of course this movie is full of them……



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Food Pyramid

Food Pie Chart

Food Pie Chart #2