Cool local blog – NW Then + Again

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saw something in the paper about this – very cool juxtaposition of old Seattle photos vs. modern, via the convenience and power of Photoshop. More on his blog, but a nice example below…..

Luna Park, West Seattle


one of the best!

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Diatribes, that is :) Of course this movie is full of them……



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Food Pyramid

Food Pie Chart

Food Pie Chart #2


Some redemption, continued injustice.

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Watched the documentary I Want My Name Back this afternoon after we got back from Bike MS – it’s the story of The Sugarhill Gang, the first rap artists to hit big, way back in 1979. Of course if you are old like me, you remember when their first hit, Rapper’s Delight, was all over the airwaves for a long, long time. And if you aren’t old, chances are you’ve heard it anyway as it’s a classic.

The documentary basically details their quick rise to fame, but then largely sits on their history after, in getting royally screwed by their record label, even to this very day in many respects. While the list of bands getting screwed by record labels is long and likely will never end (even though the current state of the industry with some humble pie being served back to those rich d-b’s in spades has to make many of us happy in some ways) – the Sugarhill Gang are sadly just one among many in that respect.

The documentary is interesting in that like so many music history shows, it has the inevitable ‘Behind the Music‘ feel to it – young artists start out, hit it big, then for whatever the reason, a few years in fizzle out. Then (like here) many hit the skids or flame out, and some never come back, or settle for the occasional ‘where are they now’ info program or article as they get older.

With Rapper’s Delight – this was a huge hit and huge in other ways – it put rap into a much bigger stage and broad acceptance. But the dark side was the shrewd owners of the label and their corrupt, mafia-involved backers who inevitably put their name on everything, retained publishing rights and basically pulled the rug out the minute they wanted to dump the band yet keep all the spoils.

Setting aside the actual story of the band (watch the movie!) – a couple things were a bit disappointing about the documentary for me:

1) there’s little to no other artists making cameos in the movie. There are a couple, but by and large either the filmmakers blew this off, didn’t have the contacts to get in touch with anyone, or simply didn’t think of it? When I compare it with the Fishbone documentary of a few years ago – even though that one was disappointing (for somewhat different reasons) – at least they got Laurence Fishburne to narrate at least part of it, and they got other L.A. bands to make some appearances in it to acknowledge the debt they owe Fishbone and their influence. Here, largely nothing on that front.

2) The second disappointment for me is a bit unclear, because the movie doesn’t really investigate much of it. Why wasn’t there some attempt to help them out from the greater music community? I realize the band’s members had problems and mostly left the biz for many years – and were in most ways too intimidated by the label to do anything for themselves – but didn’t they know anyone else? Or were they too early and had to suffer being the early pioneers without the greater community to back them up later? Not sure but it’s a major gap in the movie to me…

I think the filmmakers could have focused more on investigating and documenting their legacy and less on the legal and personal problems? Just my .02. But there is some redemption by the end, and at minimum, it’s great that Wonder Mike and Master Gee are back in the studio and back on tour, doing what they love and were intended to do – entertain!


Bike MS – we made it!

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We just got back this afternoon from our 4th year of Bike MS (hosted over the weekend in Mt Vernon, WA)! This year we did the 59 miler on Sat (per usual) but then opted for the shorter 26 miler on Sunday. Great weather both days, sunny, clear and good riding. And always great to catch up with our team (Crankin’ for a Cure) – our team captain’s mother has MS, and she shows up every year to cheer us on, very inspiring!

Looking forward to next year – thanks to all our donors!

Again…..Hells no!

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this gives me the willies just looking at the pics….!



End of an era……Initial D

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Discovered they finally finished Initial D – and watched the last four episodes (Final Stage). Very glad they kept with it. These start a bit slow and go a bit overboard on backstory, but all the things we love about Initial D are still there:

- ridiculous, over the top posturing (although less than in past Stages);
- crazy mountain driving without apparently any hint of fear, parental control or police;
- ‘mental monologuing’ throughout where people are constantly explaining things to each other out loud (or through narration);
- and last but certainly not least – Takumi Fujiwara and his amazing AE86 Trueno…..

Enjoy. I am not supplying a link because if you simply do a search, you’ll find it. :) In case you missed Fifth Stage (immediately precedes Final Stage, there are 14 episodes) – you’ll want to search for and watch that first. And if you haven’t watched ANY of them, what were you thinking (and get to work – Funimation has Stages 1-4 online!

According to Wikipedia, there is also a three-part movie remake coming….woo hoo!


the not so….Superfriends!

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Some time ago I found a page that went into exquisite, delicious detail in ripping on Challenge of the Superfriends episodes. I mean, this would put even Roger Ebert to shame in its level of detail. Having been a huge fan of for years now, it’s the same thing – take (largely kids) shows that are starving for lampoon, and send them up by simply using logic and plain observations of what actually happens in the plot. And THEN throw in the frequent slam, comparison or grammar analysis that further pummels the show into the dust. :)

So as per usual, a random memory came into my head of reading these (whenever it was in the past) and looked them up again – it turns out there are actually 3 sites devoted to this, and they are all hilarious! Of course it helps if you are 40+ and spent way too many saturdays watching the original cartoons on TV in the mid-late 70s. If you aren’t, or didn’t (or simply didn’t watch ENOUGH of them) – you can catch many on YouTube now (of course).

here are the sites: – The Superfriends

Jabootu – Challenge of the Superfriends

Roger Wilcox – The Challenge of the Superfriends

and here’s my fave quote so far from the first one (talking about Grodd, the evil-super gorilla from the Legion of Doom):

“….He comes from a secret invisible village of talking gorillas, but that’s not that big a deal. I describe my hometown of Baker City, Oregon exactly the same way. At least the people in my town all had rifles. Grodd doesn’t even have pants. But to be honest, even a non-talking gorilla is tougher than most of the people on the Legion of Doom….”


Wingfoot One – aloft…!

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Pretty cool….I might actually ride in this one, if I can only forget the last 15 minutes of Up! where they have the crazy battle on top of the airship – yeeeipes!

Goodyear’s new ‘Wingfoot One’ isn’t a blimp

Wingfoot One


Not…..The Gnomes!!!!

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Back in Monorail campaign days a**holios used to steal our signs all the time – a sad commentary on our society – but we never had gnomes (campaigning for us or stolen)….? I wonder if these were Winklebottom’s :)


400 gnomes disappeared in Austria, and it’s causing a political scandal