this would have been cool…

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even though in my usual way, I found out about it 4 years AFTER(!) it happened…but still cool…

On the scene: ‘School of Rock’ cast reunites for 10th anniversary screening



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I *totally* want to take this class!


Scarecrow Video still rules….

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Articles like this, with props to the late, amazing Alan Rickman, are a big part of why….! Their movie rental selection, and the fact they are now a nonprofit – doesn’t hurt either. :)

DIE HARD: Hans Gruber & the Fine Art of Villain Leadership


Tracy Morgan…..

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Still one of the most unpredictable comics out there – I think he’s become a bit more somber since his near-fatal car accident but still brings it! So glad he was all right, sad about his friend who didn’t survive….

Tracy Morgan Jokes With Jimmy Kimmel About Using Walmart Settlement to Buy Bronx Zoo


Dr Evil gets tased…!

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Lightning strikes the Space Needle

and if you just needed to know more about Seattle’s most important building, watch on…


Mike B stirs up trouble… :)

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So we saw a Mike Birbiglia show last night (on TV) from a gig he did in Brooklyn (Thank God for Jokes) – very funny. In it, he references his stint as the emcee for The Gotham Awards and how he ended up reading VERBATIM this rant from David O’Russell’s recorded ‘attack’ on Lily Tomlin while filming I Heart Huckabees.  David O’Russell was directing that film at the time of the rant several years ago, and was now getting a lifetime achievement award at these same awards where Mike B was the emcee – boom!

Here’s a couple articles about MB’s emcee event:

David O. Russell’s Lily Tomlin Rant Came Back to Haunt Him at the Gotham Awards

Oh, Russell Roasted!

Definitely a funny comedy show, have always like Mike B (you’ll have to watch his show to see the bit), here’s the original video rant MB’s referring to:



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good haul of comics this am – enjoy!


Jon – we miss you so MUCH….!

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Jon Stewart’s message for the media: Stop whining about Trump



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Bill Paxton passed away yesterday as a result of surgery complications – very sad. Always engaging, always playing quirky or interesting characters – will definitely miss him. RIP.

Family representative says actor Bill Paxton has died

game over – :(


Good thing…

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Ayn Rand never had kids!