Flight to Mars…argh…..

     Posted on Mon ,23/05/2016 by candybowl

Missed Mike McCready’s annual Flight to Mars benefit rock show again this year with his UFO tribute band, doh! We were in OR doing Reach the Beach (see post tomorrow night). But thanks to the magic of YouTube (clips below), not a complete loss…also some clips on their Facebook page.

gotta love Mike McCready’s Flying V….Rudolf Schenker, eat your heart out!

Other clips from this year:

and from past years, some faves:

my alltime fave UFO song, Love to Love:




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Sat am funnies….

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Joy of Tech

Savage Chickens

F Minus



We miss ya, Jon…..

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But to your credit, you didn’t become a lobbyist. And your many ‘offspring’ have just magnified your effect. But we still miss ya. And I have to say, no matter what Axelrod says about how tough it was after the 2010 election, it still comes off as an excuse to me…..

Jon Stewart Says Donald Trump Can’t Be President Because He’s A ‘Man-Baby’



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another year, another good White House Correspondents’ dinner. Obama killed it again, Larry Wilmore found a tough crowd. But Larry Wilmore is the MAN, so not surprising. Whitey needs to lighten. up. Also glad to see Wolf Blitzer get his :)

Larry Wilmore pulls no punches at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Larry Wilmore Savages Media, Ignites Controversy During White House Correspondents’ Dinner Skewering


thank GOD for Train!

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I now know my June (2016) will not go unrequited. :)

Train Re-Records Led Zeppelin Album, Improves Plight of Humankind

that is *so* funny! Here’s hoping they tackle Black Sabbath’s Paranoid or Iron Maiden’s The Number of the Beast next! Ah, these are heady times, my friends… :)


Sat am funnies….

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Sean Hannity gets HIS. :)

And it’s still made ….. of……


Truly amazing…

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in these crazy tech times, we often get very jaded from all the tech we ‘should’ be paying attention to or care about – but THIS is truly amazing…. and pretty old-school in many, many ways.

Experimental Solar-Powered Plane Completes Journey Across The Pacific

Experimental solar-powered plane Solar Impulse 2 has landed in Mountain View, Calif., after a three-day flight across the Pacific.

“Good morning, California!” the plane’s visibly emotional pilot Bertrand Piccard told a cheering crowd at Moffett Airfield, where he landed at 11:44 p.m. local time. He’s soon handed an extra large bottle of champagne.

The Solar Impulse team is attempting to fly around the world using only the power of the sun.



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(finally) a new Alex Verus book has come out, Burned. And like all the previous ones, I ripped through this once as fast as I could, because these are great books! Continued character development is strong and believable, although I hope Mr. Jacka gives poor Alex a break in the next one (it’s likely another year-long wait, sigh). Anyway, you can read my posts about the previous books, or just get out there and start reading the entire series already!

Other voices linked from here.



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Continuing the terrible year for amazing musicians….Prince, RIP.

RIP Prince: A World Lit Up In Purple