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for some reason their songs have been going through my head lately – interesting article. I was really into this band back in the day….this concert clip is kinda weird – they rarely played much live and despite their sound being heavy on keys, there aren’t any on stage? Must be playing to recordings – certainly have enough percussion guys though!

The Power Of Propaganda: A Secret Wish 25 Years On…


what a cool story….

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Boy Who Lost Stuffed Tiger At Airport Finds Tiger Stayed Very Busy


– you can BET Hobbes is one-of-a-kind – there aren’t any licensed stuff toys from Calvin and Hobbes, and there won’t ever be, either. What a wonderful story!



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So, a couple years ago I got the Black Mirror 2-season series on DVD from Scarecrow and watched them. All of these shows are very, very dark and take a Twilight Zone anthology approach with a bit of Max Headroom (‘twenty minutes into the future’) and then really take a dark, dark turn. Tales from the Darkside – eat your heart out.

At that time, there was one more episode done – ‘White Christmas‘ that I hadn’t watched yet (it came out a few months after the series season 2) – finally saw it today. This has to be among the darkest of all the episodes, with a double-twist ending that hits you right between the eyes. Boom. Not for the easily depressed, or those that believe all these dadburn dystopian shows lately are actually LEADING us to those same dystopias! This is just really messed up stuff.

Anyway, for those who dare, i found it on YT (linked below, with Portuguese subtitles) or you might be able to actually watch it on demand from UK Channel 4.

good luck.


too funny…

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reminds me of this Far Side classic (although that joke is in reverse)…

far side


Christopher Lee – RIP

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One of the baddest of the all-time bad guys passed away over the weekend – Christopher Lee, at 93. RIP, Lord Summerisle…..

Christopher Lee dies at the age of 93

Wikipedia bio


Jurassic World – Hmm.

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Our company had a free screening of Jurassic World yesterday evening – interesting. It was harmless fun but for the money the studio likely spent, they could have worked far harder on the plot. The movie was well made but offers nothing new in light of three previous JP movies as well as the whole ‘dystopian theme park goes very wrong’ theme done first (and arguably best) by Westworld. Ironically, that movie was written and directed by a 31-year old Michael Crichton, the original author of Jurassic Park. Amusing.

Chris Pratt is the main ‘reluctant hero’ star, and while this movie is nothing to write home about, his career will not be hurt by it, either – he’s definitely the most interesting thing in the movie, despite the writers’ efforts to turn velicoraptors into CP’s trained posse. I’ve liked Vincent D’Onofrio since his Private Pyle days, but here he’s just a cheesy fat ham (in more ways than one). Most of the rest of the actors are unknowns or on their way up (Bryce Dallas Howard, Irrfan Khan and BD Wong) – probably how you keep costs down with so much expensive, extensive CGI in nearly every scene.

I kept also thinking of Futureworld, the even lamer (than this JP sequel) Westworld sequel from the mid-70’s. It’s kinda sad how Hollywood just keeps betting that sequels will do more than trick people into movie theaters expecting the same magic as the first time. That’s only happened a FEW times, guys and you are paying these lazy writers WAY too much in the meantime!

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Avengers: Age of Ultron

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So finally saw the new Avengers movie Sat evening. I liked it, despite my causing us to get there late and having to sit way up front (never optimal) – there were a number of funny parts and as always, the effects were well done. Definitely an entertaining movie overall.

But there were a number of things that definitely make this a lesser movie than the first one, much the same way the two Iron Man sequels are definitely lesser movies than the first one – to wit (Spoiler alert):

1) This movie follows on the timeline from Captain America: Winter Soldier, so SHIELD is dead yet Hydra still somehow exists (if memory serves, they still had Loki’s sceptre at the end of that movie) – and this gets to the first problem – how many big, secret conspiracy orgs STILL exist in the world, for pete’s sake? Especially those claiming to have existed since WWII (started by the Nazis – who else)? So that’s a bit farfetched to begin with.

2) Ultron is a good bad guy, even if a bit too sardonic (James Spader, eat your heart out) but he ‘springs into being’ a bit too quickly for the plot – one minute he’s parts on a series of tables, the next he is a fully-formed, morphable android with hundreds of copies? Where are the Koch Brothers who bankroll all this? Too fast.

3) Why is Thor the only ‘god’ seemingly interested in getting Loki’s gem back? Wouldn’t Loki himself have an interest in it? Wouldn’t Odin have a way to ensure Loki helps Thor and takes the gem back to Asgard where it belongs?

4) As pointed out by Kerewin – Scarlet Witch fulfills the role of ‘Storm’ in this movie – seeming a wimp, then at one point seems to be among the most powerful of all? You can’t have it both ways, guys.

5) The whole fight between Iron Man and Hulk was silly and a distraction. Why didn’t Hulk just run away? And it’s getting WAY too convenient for Tony Stark to just whip yet more Iron Man suits, ever more custom and more powerful, just out of nowhere whenever the plot demands it? Lame.

6) I liked the attempts to give these characters more than one dimension, but really the only three that have their heads on are Cap, Hawkeye and Black Widow, and the latter two are just badasses, not even enhanced. And of course the appearance of SLJ helps right the ship (mentally and then later, literally).

I think the main thing about these comic movies is whether or not they make you want to watch them multiple times. The first Iron Man – definitely yes, have seen it several times. The first Avengers – same. This one, like the recent CA movie and the Iron Man sequels – not so much.

Still worth a watch though….

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Alice….still rules…!

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just THINK of all the spaceships you could build!

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Go inside this Seattle architect’s ultimate Lego paradise