DC Fontana – a great writer and a true pioneer…RIP.

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RIP, science fiction pioneer Dorothy “DC” Fontana

Great tribute here: RIP: Dorothy (”D. C.”) Fontana



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as seen originally on Boing Boing – pretty weird. definitely a Yellow Submarine vibe, among others…


Sunday (and older) funnies…

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Inspiration? You bet.

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works for me…!



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old clip – 1971(!) I think, but has no less impact. I’ve never read any Norman Mailer books, and the only other time i’ve seen him speak was in the When We Were Kings movie, where it was benign. But here, he comes across as ten sides of a supreme, egomaniacal JACKASS. Especially with the gray fake-fro and the go-go boots!? Moreover (not completely clear, not being there in person) but the camera makes him often look like he’s staring at nothing when he speaks, but he’s probably looking at Gore Vidal or the other woman.

Although in the end it largely has no effect on him, his ego force-field obviously protects him from really LISTENING to anything they say to him – each of the others really lands several zingers, including Cavett (but sorry Dick, that hair really looks glued-on? yipes!)

in any event, if you can last through this thing, barring NM’s last speech (which is arguably less obnoxious than most of what he says), this is quite the show….!


RIP, Aron Eisenberg….

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Nog, you will be missed. Always one of my fave characters on my fave ST series, period.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine star Aron Eisenberg dies, aged 50


pretty cool…!

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Makes Sense….

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oh, Gojira, my muse….