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RIP, Caped Crusader…..

Sun ,11/06/2017

Adam West, TV’s Batman in the ’60s, Dies at 88

RIP Adam West: Hollywood Remembers Beloved Batman: ‘One of My First Heroes’


The king is dead.

Thu ,06/04/2017

Long live the king. RIP, sir.

Farewell to the master of insults: Tributes pour in after legendary comedian Don Rickles passes away aged 90 at his LA home

and his ‘spiritual heir’ from over ten years ago – fast forward to about 7:50..


Museum of Flight, part deux….

Sat ,01/04/2017

So following on from the previous post regarding touring the Shuttle Trainer at Boeing’s Museum of Flight, here’s the rest of all the ‘plane nerd’ photos from most of the rest of the museum – enjoy!

I have to say, despite no flash, that ridiculous new phone of mine actually takes decent pics… on one from the gallery, then click it again to get the high-res version….


Dr Evil gets tased…!

Thu ,09/03/2017

Lightning strikes the Space Needle

and if you just needed to know more about Seattle’s most important building, watch on…



Sat ,04/03/2017

good haul of comics this am – enjoy!


Sad….John Wetton.

Mon ,06/02/2017

Another bad musical start to the year…..RIP.


100 Photos…

Fri ,03/02/2017

Amazing stuff, both for good and bad reasons…

Timeline view here


Greg Lake….RIP.

Sat ,17/12/2016

I didn’t even know he was sick. With Keith Emerson’s suicide earlier this year, that’s 2/3 of ELP now gone….very, very sad.

Greg Lake (1947 – 2016)

silly video but always loved this song in the brief 80s ‘ELP’

Other YT videos


Sat ,08/10/2016


Aliens Playing Poker - Savage Chickens


Not the proudest moment….

Sun ,11/09/2016

but then again, it’s a 3rd season episode, not entirely surprising…

Space Hippies invade The Enterprise

And then SPOCK joins in!