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great music!

Thu ,01/06/2017

if Casualties of Jazz started playing Meters songs, this is what it would sound like…click through to hear on SoundCloud..

Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio


this would have been cool…

Wed ,22/03/2017

even though in my usual way, I found out about it 4 years AFTER(!) it happened…but still cool…

On the scene: ‘School of Rock’ cast reunites for 10th anniversary screening


Sad….John Wetton.

Mon ,06/02/2017

Another bad musical start to the year…..RIP.


too funny….

Thu ,29/12/2016


Flight to Mars…argh…..

Mon ,23/05/2016

Missed Mike McCready’s annual Flight to Mars benefit rock show again this year with his UFO tribute band, doh! We were in OR doing Reach the Beach (see post tomorrow night). But thanks to the magic of YouTube (clips below), not a complete loss…also some clips on their Facebook page.

gotta love Mike McCready’s Flying V….Rudolf Schenker, eat your heart out!

Other clips from this year:

and from past years, some faves:

my alltime fave UFO song, Love to Love:



thank GOD for Train!

Sat ,07/05/2016

I now know my June (2016) will not go unrequited. :)

Train Re-Records Led Zeppelin Album, Improves Plight of Humankind

that is *so* funny! Here’s hoping they tackle Black Sabbath’s Paranoid or Iron Maiden’s The Number of the Beast next! Ah, these are heady times, my friends… :)


Tough year! Keith Emerson, RIP.

Sat ,12/03/2016

apparently Keith Emerson passed away this week – so sad! Another one of the great musical talents passes on…..RIP.


Deja vu…..

Sat ,05/03/2016

this really seems like watching the Spinal Tap scene where they read the album reviews…..


David Bowie…..RIP.

Mon ,11/01/2016

Lost one of the great ones over the weekend. So sad. Sleep well, Major Tom.

great Sean Nelson article in The Stranger:

In Death as in Life, David Bowie Remains the Master of Self-Invention


Manooghi hi……?

Sat ,12/12/2015

I’ve now lived in Seattle over 20 years (doh! twenty!) and have seen many bands (kind of a ‘Seattle requirement’, similar to having work to do with technology or building airplanes, and drinking a LOT of coffee) – but aside from visiting bands from other places, there have been a few local bands that rose way above the pack. Manooghi hi was definitely one of them, but only 1.5 albums came out and they seem to have disappeared….I think the drummer lives in SF, I have seen one of the singers around locally but not sure about the rest….sad…. :(

here’s one from their prime…besides the links above from when we saw them live – got to see them at least 3-4 times, so that was at least something……