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The Big Sick – go Kumail!

Sun ,23/07/2017

What a great movie – we’ve been fans of Kumail Nanjiani for some time – his standup is funny, and he’s great in Silicon Valley too, plus where he shows up in other stuff occasionally – but his new movie, The Big Sick, could be huge for him – it’s the story of how he met his wife, Emily.

No spoilers here – just go see it!

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welcome to my world!?

Sat ,06/05/2017




Sun ,23/04/2017

well worth the wait! But was only able to see the first 3 episodes….hopefully goes on all summer!



Sun ,12/02/2017

made my day. Thank you Genndy!!!


Get yours yet?

Tue ,22/11/2016

Got mine yesterday – woo hoo!

The Art of Atari

Inside The Art of Atari (pre-release book review)


But will The Diva return? :)

Thu ,10/11/2016

The first trailer for Luc Besson’s Valerian promises a dazzling space opera romp


Le Mans 2030..!?

Sat ,29/10/2016

Truly amazing stuff….

Le Mans 2030: Car designers with eye on future tackle Michelin Challenge Design

2017: Showcase of Selected Entrants

I think the ‘Bentley 9’ was my fave:


Maurice White….RIP.

Mon ,15/02/2016

Yet another of the truly great ones has passed. 2016 is turning out to be a tough year for music fans. Ever since hearing ‘Fantasy’ back in junior high, i’ve liked EWF, but never more than now as the years go by. And MW said himself that he wanted their music to be an inspiration to others. To me personally, he succeeded way beyond what he may have meant. The words, the music – it all WORKS, period.

As Orlando Jones said in Drumline – ‘in the beginning, there was Earth, there was Wind, and there was Fire.’ RIP.

Maurice White, founder of Earth, Wind & Fire, dead at 74

this one is actually 3 parts – Steve Harvey hits it right on the head:


Chiho Aoshima: Rebirth of the World

Tue ,06/10/2015

So I finally managed to go see this, the last day of Chiho Aoshima‘s exhibit at the Seattle Asian Art Museum this past Sunday. While it wasn’t a big exhibit – it was very, very cool. The highlight is the *huge* screened animation in the back auditorium – TAKAAMANOHARA. It’s so big you can’t see everything going on at the same time – you have to look back and forth, I suspect it would take many viewings to begin to keep it all straight. way cool! While the film below paints her as somewhat bleak in outlook, her art is intricate and amazing. Looking forward to her next exhibit in Seattle!

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The Stranger
An earlier animation – “City Glow
A review of an earlier exhibit in Catalonia at the Fundacio Miro.



Tue ,23/06/2015

for some reason their songs have been going through my head lately – interesting article. I was really into this band back in the day….this concert clip is kinda weird – they rarely played much live and despite their sound being heavy on keys, there aren’t any on stage? Must be playing to recordings – certainly have enough percussion guys though!

The Power Of Propaganda: A Secret Wish 25 Years On…