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ha – and yipes!

Sat ,04/02/2017

I’ve DEFINITELY worked for these squirrels!



Pizza Burger in NOLA

Sat ,17/12/2016

why couldn’t we have seen this when we were THERE in Oct??? Argh.

Pizza Delicious & Company Burger Have Your New Favorite NOLA Mash-Up

although this is definitely a heart attack on a bun. Double Down and Godzilla burgers, eat your heart out.


Egg Devils!

Sat ,21/11/2015

F Minus



Sun ,14/09/2014

Food Pyramid

Food Pie Chart

Food Pie Chart #2



Thu ,14/08/2014

I kept meaning to get back down there but sadly it was not to be…..doh!

Katsu Burger Has Suddenly Closed in Georgetown


we are SO doing this!

Fri ,16/05/2014


So true!

Sun ,04/05/2014


IPA – hop THIS!

Sat ,03/05/2014

Finally, someone says it – and it’s a looooong past due article! Thank you Zach G!

As someone old enough for the ‘last’ microbrew revolution (Portland OR, in the late 80s) I can remember when microbrewers actually cared about differentiation, vs. now – Now, when I ask for the microbrew menu, all I hear is IPA, IPA, IPA – to which I say, WTF? And then I order an Ayinger, Spaten or something else. Portland Brewing used to make at least two great weissbiers – not in the Widmer way – both gone. Wither Bridgeport Coho? Grant’s Weissbier with the polar bear on it? Heck, I’d take a Rainier Dark (only had it at the now closed brewery back in ’94, it was only sold in limited amounts to taverns)? Guys, it’s time to take beer back from the hoppy crap and leave that to the English! There are plenty of better places brewing beer (even on the UK islands – been to Scotland?) that offer inspiration…..?


From The Seattle Weekly: The Bar Code: Put Down That IPA!

Thanksgiving? It’s payback time….!

Sun ,24/11/2013

Tom the Dancing Bug


The Ramen Rater!

Sat ,04/05/2013

mmmmm……[drool]….. 🙂

From Ibuki –
The Ramen Rater

site: The Ramen Rater