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Di Vittorio Family Reunion, Aug 2018

Sun ,19/08/2018

Bellisima! Futtitini!

here’s some pics and a quick bocce video – we’ll have Karri’s interview audio online soon!

Quick Video:




Wed ,24/01/2018

Ursula K. Le Guin, acclaimed for her fantasy fiction, is dead at 88


Right ON.

Wed ,13/01/2016

79-Year-Old Bird Watcher Takes Down Oregon Militant With Old High School Wrestling Move

Reminds me of Robert Duvall kicking some punk asses in Secondhand Lions:

or Buzz Aldrin just kicking ass, period!



Fri ,23/10/2015

Jan Eliot is retiring…. 🙁

Eugene artist Jan Eliot retiring daily ‘Stone Soup’ comic strip

Jan Eliot



Tue ,18/06/2013

I couldn’t get past the second panel! 🙂

basic instructions


gotta love that JET boat!

Tue ,27/07/2010

we were at a family reunion in Southern Oregon this past weekend. There were many highlights, but the first one was a blast down the Rogue River on one of the “Hellsgate” jetboats. The one we were on had 3(!) 454-V8 engines in it, each powering a single jet. It’s basically a flat-bottom metal (steel or aluminum, not sure which), shallow box with bench seats across – then a raised podium deck at the back for the pilot. Our boat could hold up to 81 people (it was their biggest one, they have several) and it was all but full. Apparently these things can get up to about 55mph on the river – I truly believe that’s likely NOT the top end, but may be the ‘safe’ top end.

So, they get you in there, and you start blasting down the river. Then the guy starts talking up how wet you’re going to get – and then slams on the brakes, which makes the boat all but nosedive into the water and raises a huge wave over the front of the boat. Hence, water. Not unlike getting doused while whitewater rafting, but we weren’t in any rapids (at the first one, anyway). So on you blast down the river, and the guy does 360’s a few times, and alternatively tries to douse the entire boat through a series of maneuvers – none really crazy, all very fun. Then you get to a narrow canyon and the boat idles through that while he talks about your surroundings – the boat then turns around and heads back a short distance to a shore facility where you eat a big dinner – then you zoom back up the river (while your pilot and usually at least one other boat try to alternate at crossing each other’s wake and dousing each others boat from side to side, etc.).

It was great – our clan had about 34 people, the rest of the boat was filled with others – what’s also cool about this is that it’s truly an all-ages activity (unlike whitewater rafting!) where you have fairly old people on there all the way down to kids. And everybody is having a ball.

Besides the blasting around like crazy people, there was a lot of wildlife (several osprey, blue herons, ducks, swans and a bald eagle) around to see, and many people waving from the shore (I’m sure the residents who live along the top part of the journey aren’t near as ‘enthused’ about the jet boats as we were :)). There was also a couple risque ‘floor show’ events that I won’t discuss here, but were pretty funny. The food feast was bbq chicken and pork with salad, beer/wine and some basic antipasti. Not fine dining, but definitely did the job.

it was a GREAT way to start the weekend – if you are ever in Grants Pass (or Gold Beach, for the one that comes up the river from there) – don’t miss out!