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snow day Seattle, 2-14-21

Sun ,14/02/2021

Snow Day! We went around to Golden Gardens and the Arboretum to enjoy a rare snow day in Seattle. Click on an image to enlarge.


Calvin N’ Hobbes namecheck

Fri ,01/03/2013

love it!

Liz Prince


Snowpocalypse, redux

Tue ,24/01/2012

OK, this is the last time I want to hear any CRAP from people in UT about Seattle snow drivers!!  It would appear their hubris has caught up with them…..muhhahahha!


Snow birdies!

Thu ,19/01/2012

In the past couple days over our wussy Seattle ‘snowpocalypse’ the backyard birdies are still hanging in there. Today I got pics of a certain fat robin that hangs out by one of our holly trees, and of a swarm of bushtits that periodically visit the suet feeders. I have seen chickadees zipping around too, besides the usual seagulls and crows (there are a pair of crows that usually hang around too, but haven’t seen them in the past week)…




Because even Godzilla likes snow….

Tue ,17/01/2012

from today’s Savage Chickens – funny! Older GZ comics linked below….


Older GZ’s



Sun ,21/11/2010

forecast for Seattle tomorrow. One can only pray 🙂 But in any event, the best season of the year is about to begin…..muhahhaha!