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Snowpocalypse, NY style….

Sun ,24/01/2016


Have yourself a Merry “Robin” Christmas….

Sat ,02/01/2016

So on Christmas Day this year, it was pretty mellow at our house. No kids, no tree (two cats make that impossible – destruction would ensue), just the two of us having a nice, quiet am.

But outside our house – there were a bazillion Robins, Starlings and other birds, plus a few intrepid hummingbirds, zipping around all over the place – in the crabapple trees in our front yard, in the holly trees in our side yard, and taking baths in the street in front of my parked Beetle. It wasn’t freezing around here, obviously. Enjoy!


Calvin N’ Hobbes namecheck

Fri ,01/03/2013

love it!

Liz Prince



Sun ,21/11/2010

forecast for Seattle tomorrow. One can only pray 🙂 But in any event, the best season of the year is about to begin…..muhahhaha!