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VW Dreamin’…..

Mon ,04/03/2019

How fun!

BaT Auction Success Story: Family Adventures in a 2003 Volkswagen Eurovan Weekender


Wheeler Dealers – ’73 VW Thing

Tue ,21/08/2018

Thanks to mein vater for the tip on this one – what a great episode and sure wish that car had been mine (barring that it was a ’73 – I like ’74s a bit better due to the back scoop)…be warned – this link will likely open a number of popups on you, that you’ll have to minimize or close….


Bad. Aaaath!

Sat ,26/08/2017

…the van is back, and it’s gonna cause some trouble! hey now, hey now, the van is back!


Surreal, to be sure…

Tue ,28/04/2015

pretty dadburn weird…..even for a hardcore VW nerd like me….:)

People Impersonate The Internet’s Funniest Cats In This Absurd VW Spot


Bulli Bulli!

Tue ,01/07/2014

Love it!


VW Bus, LEGO style….

Thu ,13/10/2011

veddy cool….

LEGO Volkswagen T1 Camper Van 10220 Time Lapse Build HD


More Summer fun….

Mon ,16/08/2010

So besides the jet boat trip in July, so far we have attended two family reunions (the first was in Medford – the jet boat trip was the first event; the second was last weekend in Manzanita– somewhat interrupted by rain, unfortunately).

After the second reunion, we drove the Syncro up the coast and camped at 3 different locations: Cape Disappointment (just north of Astoria but on WA side); Grayland (mid-coast, about 25 miles south of Aberdeen); and Heart ‘O The Hills (just below Hurricane Ridge outside Port Angeles). In the first two cases, the weather was overcast, breezy and somewhat wet – typical for this time (and nearly every other time) of year. The last site was much warmer and dryer, but also came with more bugs – doh!

We got in some good biking too. In Medford, we took a couple rides – a ~30 miler roundtrip to the outskirts of nearby Ashland; a second one about 14 miles RT (bike problems prevented more). This past week, we took a ~42mi ride around the Long Beach Peninsula; some short rides near Grayland (one with about 50lb of ice and food on my back!); and a 6 mile ride down (from the campground to Port Angeles) and then back UP (this was the bad part). But we made it, and were better for it in the end.

Sat. am the 14th we packed up and drove to Hurricane Ridge, then hiked the 1.6mi ‘hurricane hill’ hike to overlook the Strait of Juan de Fuca (between the northwest WA coast and Vancouver Island/Canada), then back to the van and blast on home. Got home around 3pm and it was HOT back here in Seattle! And now the Syncro needs a good can or two of Woolite. 🙂