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Foster Botanical Garden, Honolulu

Tue ,19/03/2019

So another highlight of the recent Hawaii trip last week was a visit to the Foster Botanical Garden in downtown Honolulu. While unfortunately all the pics I took were way overexposed if not just garbage (memo to me: read the camera manual next time or just use the stupid ‘smart’ phone) – the garden has a lot of HUGE, exotic trees from all over the world, besides just some big native examples. And the outdoor butterfly garden is cool, although I only saw a couple. I saw a couple parrots in a tree near the end too, which was also exciting.

here’s some sites that give you an idea of what it’s like – DEFINITELY worth a visit, takes at least an hour or more to walk the grounds and see everything.

Map of the garden

Yelp reviews of FBG‘s FBG site with pics

Recent walk-around videos of FBG from YouTube


so cool!

Wed ,20/09/2017



Sat ,11/10/2014

if we can’t keep drones out of the skies with laws and or bottle rockets – hawks may have to step up – as we say in Seattle – Go Hawks! 🙂

Hawk attacks a drone mid-air bringing it down to the ground



Sun ,03/08/2014

Jar Jar still sucks


I”ve heard of rain, but….

Sat ,23/02/2013

never raining SPIDERS! Yipes!


Just trying to stay warm….

Thu ,29/03/2012

That fox is so cute! The eagle is very Zen.



Thu ,29/07/2010

Saw one of these bad boys (Red-Tailed Hawk) sitting on the fence this am near the backyard. Made my day! Now if I can only convince him to eat those d*** pigeons hassling my bird feeders! I wonder if he’ll take a check…..


UPDATE 8-2: The Phinneywood blog has posted about either the same or a similar hawk in the area – and it looks like he has a taste for pigeons – enjoy!

In other news, we have been pigeon-free since that day….he’s earned his keep so far 🙂