Alex Verus, parts 2 and 3.

As noted previously, I am now offiically addicted to Alex Verus books – just finished the 2nd (Cursed) and 3rd (Taken) books, awaiting the fourth, Chosen. I just can’t put these things down once I start them – very entertaining and engaging!

As before, Alex Verus is a mage (wizard or warlock) who lives in London and walks a fine line between Light and Dark mages (and other occasional magical entities who pop in) while trying to keep out of ‘magic politics’ and train his apprentice and friend, Luna. The books have a good level of back-story without getting to the detail level of say, Lord of the Rings, where you then have to go into epic backstory and bog things down too much. I like the way details are revealed as needed, which if not used carefully can look too convenient (side rant – Star Trek holodeck screenwriters, I’m talking to YOU) but here Alex is portrayed as many times out of his league compared to other mages and also battling with self-esteem and confidence issues along the way.

Check out the books – you won’t be disappointed!


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