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I would SO watch this!

Tue ,30/07/2019


RIP, Roy Batty…

Thu ,25/07/2019

Rutger Hauer, ‘Blade Runner’ co-star and memorable bad guy, dies at 75

Rutger Hauer obituary – The Guardian

Need to watch The Hitcher again at some point – RIP.


Fun, family weekend

Tue ,23/07/2019

Parents came to town this past weekend – what a great time! The requisite car shows, the dining, the time spent together… 🙂


Takumi would approve….

Mon ,22/07/2019

BaT Visits GT-R Mecca: Garage Yoshida, Osaka


Make. It. So.

Sun ,21/07/2019

looks pretty good!


new Anime video – Flying Lotus

Thu ,11/07/2019

definitely Cowboy Bebop, with a bit of Dali and Aeon Flux in there too…

Flying Lotus – More – (feat. Anderson .Paak) Animated Video