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Tardar Sauce – we hardly knew ye….

Fri ,17/05/2019

Poor little guy…! RIP.

Grumpy Cat, who entertained millions online, dies at age 7



Sun ,08/03/2015

this modern world


That poor kitty!

Sun ,02/06/2013

I love the GC meme, but there are limits, guys? The kitty looks ok but I think he’d be happier with the approach taken by Maru‘s owners (use an agent, no public appearances)…..? I guess I can’t blame you too much for exploiting it, though….fame is fleeting, after all.


HuffPo Bingo!

Fri ,28/10/2011


From FluffPo:

bingo card

HuffPo Bingo

Okay, here’s how you play. Grab the above Bingo card. Now, go to the Huffington Post and start from left or right of the “news” sections. Look on each page for one of the items on the card. If you find one, open it in a new tab in your browser, so you can prove you found it.

Anything in quotations means you have to look for that word or a variation of said word. For example, “Scott Walker Shocker” would win you the Shock or Shocking space under the letter “B”.

You cannot use the search field to find articles, unless you are playing the game to fill the entire card. In that case you must first play by visiting each page first, and if both parties haven’t completed their cards, you can search HuffPo, however you must only use articles written within the last 30 days.

Trust me, you’ll find everything.